Tim Bulmer - The Sporting Etchings

Boundary Belter - signed etching

Signed limited edition humorous etchings about Golf, Cricket and Rugby by the celebrated Yorkshire cartoonist. 

Tim Bulmer was born in 1958 in Corbridge, Northumberland. He was educated, well almost, at expensive schools where art was barely tolerated. The happiest year he spent in the education system was at Tees side School of Art before going on to do his degree in Theatre Design at Wimbledon. 

After leaving Art College Tim Bulmer went on to work in the theatre shifting scenery and being ignored by some of the great names of the British Stage. 

He worked in the City delivering office mail, despatching computer parts and being quite possibly the ugliest receptionist in The City of London! 

Tim Bulmer's big break came when working for an art gallery and the proprietors in an effort to get him out from under their feet let him exhibit some of his work in an out of the way spot next to the fire hydrant. He was soon moved centre stage when his work began to sell. Before long Tim Bulmer was painting on a full time basis. It was at this time that he went back to art school in order to learn printmaking and before long Tim was able to add etching to his list of skills. 

Tim Bulmer's etchings and watercolours are now in great demand and can be seen in both private and commercial settings. In 2001 Tim Bulmer won The Fine Art Trade Guild Print Artist of the year award and in 2003 he had his first book 'The Road To Racque and Rouen' published by De Montfort Fine Art. 

His largest ongoing commission is for Gourmet Holdings PLC who employ Tim to do all the artwork for their establishments including the Bel and The Dragon chain. 

Tim Bulmer has an impressive list of celebrity clients but is reticent to let on exactly who they are! He lives in North Yorkshire in blissful anonymity with his wife and two children. 

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