Illustrative Artists

Marine Limited Edition Prints, Remarques and Oil Paintings

Limited edition prints by the highly perceptive social observer. Her paintings "illustrate the English social scene more brilliantly and with greater accuracy than those of any other painter working today." John Julius Norwich.

Limited edition prints by Tom Adams, illustrator of the Agatha Christie book covers.
"Tom Adams is one of the very best cover artists of our time. His art is a blend of acute realism and haunting fantasy with a special genius for suiting image to story...." John Fowles

A series of original mixed media constructions by Joanna Jacobs. Subjects include Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Frida Kahlo, Zapata. All in hand-made silver-gilded frames.

The original artworks created by Tudor Humphries in collaboration with Walker Books, for Animals at Risk, the classic series about endangered species: Tiger; Seal; Eagle; Elephant; Panda and Whale.

Limited edition giclee and linocut prints by the author of Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain - celebrating the power of collective myths and the landscapes which inspired them..

Open edition giclee prints of Tove Jansson's massively popular characters, the Moomins.  High-quality digital prints on heavy art paper.

The absurd in the world of wine - brilliantly deliniated by the great humourist and printmaker Tim Bulmer. Original etchings printed and hand-coloured by the Artist.

Original watercolours and limited edition prints by Tudor Humphries - most recently illustrator of the new edition of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (HarperCollins). Stunning images from The Curse of the Ring, Dracula and Walker Books' Animals at Risk series.

Signed limited edition humorous etchings about Golf, Cricket and Rugby by the celebrated Yorkshire cartoonist. 

Limited edition etchings depicting humour in the world of Finance, the Law and Medicine by the popular Yorkshire cartoonist.

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