John Harrold

The official Rupert Bear artist for the past 30 years, Harrold captures the magic of Rupert's magical adventures with consummate brilliance. Signed and numbered limited edition prints.

John Harrold was born in Glasgow in 1947. He studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art, and had only just started working as an art teacher, having never considered a career in illustration, when, in 1973, he was invited by a designer who admired his work to provida a sample illustration for a Collins book "Lots of Fun to Cook with Rupert". He was selected to illustrate the book, and was subsequently asked by the Daily Express to provide work for the Rupert Bear satrip in the newspaper, as well as to contribute to the Rupert Annual.

In 1987 he produced his first cover and endpaper for the Rupert Annual, and has done them ever since.

John has been the official Rupert Artist for almost three decades now, and Rupert Annuals signed by him are much sought after items. Currently John is working on his 30th Rupert Annual.

The standard framing is double-mounted in a high-quality one-inch square plain oak, protected with clear wax. Shipping by courier of the framed prints to any UK address is only £6 for one or more items. Please note that due to shipping costs, framed prints are only available in the UK. The mounted / matted prints (unframed option) are available for worldwide orders. All Rupert Bear™ images © Entertainment Rights Distribution Ltd./Express Newspapers 2007, and strictly copyright protected. No reproduction without permission.

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